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Viality Tour celebrates its first year!

On July 3, 2022, we embarked on our first virtual reality tour, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower.

And what adventures we've had since then! We've certainly been through every emotion. And this is just the beginning! After a year of immersive tours, Viality Tour is proud to have enabled hundreds of visitors to step back in time to the 1880s, when the Eiffel Tower was being built. A great way to dust off history thanks to virtual reality.

After just one year, we're proud to have made it into the press. These include Le Courrier des Yvelines, LeParisien, Marie Claire and Sortir à Paris!

And what a source of pride to be on TV, on a major channel, at prime time! It was Capital, on M6, for a report on immersive activities.

Thanks to this television appearance, we've made great strides, and many curious people have come to discover this experience!

This first year also saw our first team buildings. We made a visit for 16 people, a record number of visitors for a group to date. It was an unforgettable moment, both for us and for them.

Finally, at the end of June, the virtual reality tour moved from the Champ-de-Mars to a barge! For a corporate event attended by over 200 people, we transported all guests for a unique experience, from the construction of the Eiffel Tower to the 1889 Universal Exhibition. Naturally, the immersion was reduced to a 7-minute video, allowing everyone to travel back in time.

Find out more about this year's highlights below. What can we wish for Viality Tour in its second year?

For those who haven't yet had the chance, we look forward to seeing you on the Champ-de-Mars!