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About us

Our team


Co-founder & Chairman

An ambitious dreamer, I have always wanted to create a project that made sense to me and to others.

As a lover of new technologies and passionate about history, I'm determined to put my experience and energy to good use in promoting the history of France!

I'm passionate and convinced that French history is as much fun as it is exciting.

My many years of experience as a tour guide have provided me with many anecdotes about the greatest historical figures that I am happy to share.


Co-founder & General Manager

Origins of the project

Passionate about travel, we criss-crossed the four corners of France. We discovered the specialties, customs and traditions of each region we visited.

During our visits, we quickly realized how difficult it is to project ourselves into a bygone era and imagine the atmosphere that prevailed in those days.

Who hasn't wanted to go back in time and witness a historic event? To get as close to reality as possible, there's nothing better than total immersion.

The guided tour, combined with virtual reality, takes visitors back in time for an immersive, unique and memorable experience.